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Study in Finland

Study in Finland

Finland is famous for its numerous lakes, forests and northern lights. It is an exciting, beautiful and innovative country that offers world class education. It is one of the safest destinations to pursue higher education. Finland has laid back cities with immense natural beauty. It has a diverse culture and society which is accommodating for international students. Students can choose from 14 universities and 24 applied science universities which are free of cost for EU/EEA residents.

Finland at a Glance

Finland welcomes almost 30,000 international students and has a progressive higher education system with excellent programs. It Employs instructors that are researchers which make Finland a smart choice for ambitious international students. It has a lot of natural attractions and sights which are tourist friendly. Popularly known as the land of a thousand lakes, it has an interesting weather due to which the sun shines all day and all night during June and July while it is extremely cold during winters. Finland holds world records for hosting world championships. Finland is fond of recycling and has the craziest sports one can imagine.

Tuition Fee in Finland

Education in Finland is free if you decides to study in Finnish language. Tuition fee of English taught programs varies from 5000-8000 Euro per year.

Cost of Living in Finland

Cost of living depends on the locality you decides to live in. On an average it will cost around 700-1000 Euro per month to live in Finland which includes accommodation, food expenses and transportation.



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