Take control of your life

Majority of the students follow the career path like a sheep in a herd. You must stop and plan your career and shape your life that you would like.


Majority of the students have actually no idea about what they really want to do in their life, what they are really good at and what they can achieve.
If you ask a student what they want to become, the answers will mostly be a doctor, an engineer, an IAS/IPS, Bank PO and that's it in most of the cases.

Are these the best options? Absolutely no!

Are these the only options?
Obviously no!

Then why the answers of the students are like this only?
Because that's what they have heard from their elders and parents, and that is what they see around themselves, every senior preparing for one or the other. It's our fault, not theirs.

But is blaming the parents for this right?
Not exactly. Just being a parent doesn't make a person well qualified to take right decisions about everything. After all, they have grew up in the same society.
Undoubtedly, parents want everything to be the best-est for their child. And are ready to go to any extent for the better future of their kid. But they are limited by their knowledge, experience and expertise.
When it comes to decide for the career of their child, a parent reach out to every colleague he/she considers intelligent, every teacher, and every successful student he/she can reach out to.

But are your colleagues and relatives actually the right people to find answers about your kids future?
Definitely No!

Then who is?

Career Counsellors!
Yes, this is where we come in. We are the person you should reach out to for planning the right career path.


Career Planning Career Counselling Careerladder.online
Career Planning

Discussing with the student and the parents and planning for the bright future of the student by acknowledging the strength of the student and weaknesses and exploring the available options and opportunities.

Expert Support Career Counselling Careerladder.online
Expert Support

Connecting the students with the former and currents students and mentors of the field that the student aspires to pursue in order to get better perspective and correct knowledge along with real life insights.

Hand Holding support career counselling careerladder.online
Handholding Support

Helping students to take on every small to big challenges that the students experiences in the path of their success to enable the students to keep up their motivation and to make their success effortless.



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