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Study in Estonia

Go to a country where you are valued based on who you are and not only by your ability to clear difficult exams.

Why Study in Estonia?

Students from more than 70 countries are already studying in Estonia. In addition to being a beautiful and friendly country that welcomes international students, Estonia provides an excellent, internationally recognized education. The capital city, Tallinn, has been designated by as one of the world’s seven most intelligent communities. In addition, English is widely spoken throughout the country and internet access is free in many locations. Estonia is one of the most connected countries in the world, with electronic identification cards, e-government and online voting.

Tuition fee in Estonia

Tuition for Estonian-taught degree programs is free for full-time students. Tuition for English-taught programs varies widely depending upon the type of program and the school. Tuition per semester for English-taught programs is generally about €1500-2000 at a public university. Most master’s programs are two years in duration, but some can be completed in one year. Students earn between 60 and 120 credits depending upon the type of program.

Cost of living in Estonia

Your living costs will depend mainly on where you live. A dormitory room will cost around €80-€100 per month, whereas a private rented apartment will cost around €100-€550 per month. The Estonian government recommends that students budget for around €300-€500 per month to cover your living costs.



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